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Welcome to top online casino – an online casino comparison and educational casino website. Our goal is to bring you the very best casino deals as well as providing you with as much educational help and advice to find the safest online casino sites. Our aim is to bring impartial help and advice when it comes to finding an online casino. Gambling online can be dangerous and there are many pitfalls to avoid. We will try and help you avoid these dangers by offering help and advice as well as bringing you the best casino deals.

Each online casino site featured has been personally reviewed by a member of our expert team. Our casino experts have spent many hours at the casino sites found on this website. We not only look at the big casino bonuses by also read the small print. We carefully examine the terms and conditions and carefully look to see that the casino site is fully regulated and licensed. The online casino industry can have a bad reputation for trying to scam or rip-off its customers. Matt Cutts who is head of spam control at Google, has even said that Google consider online casino sites to be spam. Our aim is to weed out the spam casino sites and only bring you online casinos which are safe and reliable. Top online casino is about helping you make an educated decision about which website to join. If we have spent time researching a particular casino site and found some really bad reports of scamming and people being ripped off then that casino will not be featured on our website. Our goal is to bring you the safest online casino sites.

Safe Casinos Guide & Help

Gambling is an addiction which can lead to terrible outcomes for some casino players. At the heart of our casino site is the recommendation that you stay safe and play within your own budget. We have put a huge emphasis on only recommending safe online casinos that want you to play responsibly and within your gambling limits. This is why we recommend online casinos which fall under the jurisdiction of the UK Gambling Authority. Casinos that fall under the UK Gambling Authority are known as being ‘whitelisted’. This means they are classed as being safe. This is especially important if you are a high roller casino player. If you’re making a huge deposit then it is vital for you to stay safe. For a casino to appear on the ‘casino whitelist’ it has to put casino player’s safety first. They need to prove that they try and help those casino players who may have a gambling addiction. These safe online casinos will only remain whitelisted if they keep the casino players best interests at heart.

There are a number of countries and licensing authorities which fall under the UK Gambling Authority and these can be found on our ‘Casino Whitelist’ web page. It is also worth pointing out that the opposite of these whitelisted casino sites are ‘blacklisted casinos’. These are online casinos which are known to scam and rip off its casino players. They have a terrible reputation and are totally unsafe and need to be avoided at all costs. They have no intention of helping any of their casino players who may have a gambling addiction. Not only this, but they do not pay out any winnings when they may be due. We receive numerous complaints about certain casino sites and it is all down to the fact that they do not pay out the winnings when they are meant to. If you decide not to use one of our recommended online casinos then you must be sure to look to see where the online casino site is licensed and regulated. We only recommend casino websites which are fully licensed and regulated.

There is also another key element to staying safe when playing online casinos. You need to read the terms and conditions and keep your eyes open for any wagering requirements. A lot of casino players fall down at this first hurdle and are left disappointed in the long run. When you first join a casino you are offered a ‘free’ bonus. This bonus means you will get some free casino money when you first join the casino. This money is not real and cannot be withdrawn. Each online casino has a different deposit bonus so the amount of free casino money you receive will vary. As online casino sites are out to make money they apply a wagering requirement to the bonus. These can also vary anywhere between 10x to 40x your deposit amount. If you deposit £10 and get £20 free with a 30x wagering requirement you’ll need to spend a total of £300 before you can withdraw any winnings. Some people see this as a scam and rip-off but this is standard with all online casino sites.

Therefore it is absolutely vital that you fully read the terms and conditions before agreeing to join any casino website. Those safe online casinos will fully explain the wagering requirements and advise you how much you’ll need to spend before you can withdraw your winnings. This way you will avoid any nasty surprises and also remain totally safe. These wagering requirements need to be noted to avoid joining a blacklisted casino. Often the wagering requirements will be a total scam and you’ll never be able to claim your winnings. So do please exercise caution when joining a casino site which is outside the control of the UK Gambling Authority.

A sign of a true safe casino website is one where you can set daily spending limits to help control gambling. When you first join a casino you do not need to make that first deposit. To add the extra layer of safety and security look to make sure that you can control your daily spending and therefore maintain a control of your gambling. You can set daily spending limits to always stay within your budget. This is a recommendation we make to all online casino players.

What type of casino site are you looking for?

Every online casino player has a different need or requirement. We understand this which is why we look at every aspect of an online casino. There are many different elements to an online casino which may appeal to different players. We look at all of these aspects and make our recommendations accordingly. You may be a casino player who likes the look, feel and design of certain casino websites. Maybe you have used a number of casino sites which uses certain software and you like the casino games this software offers. Maybe you love playing at free casinos or are just looking for a casino site which has the biggest selection of slots and casino games. There are numerous reasons as to what may attract you to an online casino. We have tried to cover all aspects of a casino website so that we can help as many casino players as possible. We have aimed to bring you as much helpful advice as is possible to help you chose the right online casino site.

Maybe you are a high roller casino player who is looking for the best possible deal. If you’re a high roller casino player then there are a number of things you will be looking out for. You’ll want to know what sort of casino high roller bonus you’ll receive when you first join an online casino. As you will be looking to make a huge first time deposit you will want to make sure you are maximising the amount of free casino chips you receive. You will also be interested in how a particular casino site will look after you. There are always free gifts and prizes available which we have aimed to advise you on. Most importantly you will want to know that you are joining a safe casino website. If you gamble big then you will want to win big. Knowing you can safely withdraw your winnings is the number one priority for any casino high roller. Each of the casino sites we’ve featured provides the very best treatment for its high roller casino players. None of the online casinos we’ve featured are scam or spam sites.

Are you a casino player who likes to pay by PayPal or Debit card? Maybe you want to know how long it will take before you receive any winnings that you plan to withdraw. We’ve looked at each element of the many different banking options available at an online casino. We have thoroughly examined each of these withdrawal times and terms to ensure your safety at all times. We have also researched different casino forums to see if anyone has registered any complaints against a specific casino for their withdrawal times and terms. However you like to pay for your casino chips you can be safe in the knowledge that our expert team have ensured they are totally safe and secure.

Casino Reviews

Here at top online casino we pride ourselves on our casino reviews. We believe a review should provide you with detailed analysis whilst still being balanced and fair. Our expert team have spent many hours reviewing each of the casino sites we’ve featured. Our aim is to bring you a detailed review that can provide you with all the information you require while being fair. We never pay anyone to write any of our casino reviews for us. There are a lot of ‘fake’ casino reviews on the internet. They have not been written to give you unbiased view, but have been written to try and get you to join a certain casino. If we feel an online casino is poor then we will tell you exactly why it is poor. If we like certain aspects then we will tell you. We want our reviews to be completely balanced and unbiased.

We feel there is no better way of reviewing a casino site than providing you with a video review. Each of the casino sites which featured here at top online casino will have a video review. These video casino reviews allow you to fully see behind the scenes of the casino site. You can see for yourself whether you like the selection of slots or the software that the casino is using. We will also show you how to play online casino games for free. Our videos are educational guides on how to use a particular casino. We point out how to join a casino site, how to make a deposit as well as guiding you round the casino site. You’ll get a full tour and end up with a good understanding whether the casino is the right choice for you. Our casino reviews are all about helping you make an informed choice, and not trying to persuade you to join any particular casino website. Below you’ll find a typical example of one of our video reviews.

Deposit Casino Sites

As we have already mentioned, you may be a casino player that is looking for a new deposit bonus. We’ve already created a handy casino deposit sites webpage. We’ve organised each casino by their minimum deposit requirements, however we recommend checking out for £5 deposit casino sites. You may only be looking to make a small deposit to test the water. If this is the case, then we have brought you a selection of casino sites which have a minimum deposit requirement of just £10. If you’re a casino high roller looking for an extra large deposit bonus then you can visit our Casino High Roller bonus webpage.

Every casino will offer something different. It is therefore crucial that you fully understand how much you’ll need to deposit in order to trigger the bonus. Once you have triggered the bonus always be sure to understand the wagering requirements. Know your limits when it comes to gambling and be sure to check that you’re happy with how much you need to spend before you can withdraw your winnings. At top online casino we’ve tried to make life easy by sorting casino sites by their deposit requirements, so that you can safely stay within your budget.

Free casino games

Virtually every online casino site will have a free casino games section. Not every game featured on the casino will be free. Casino games which are usually excluded are those which offer big progressive jackpots. Playing free casino games is a really big tip we’d like to offer to stay safe while playing casino games. If you’re new to playing online casino games then it is a good idea to get to learn how these games work. A good example is with roulette. There are many different betting options when playing roulette and these can be confusing. It is never wise to gamble with your own money unless you fully understand the game and the rules. By playing casino games for free you can give yourself a chance to get to know how each game fully works.

Another example is slot games. There are many different ways to bet on a slot game, and the most common cost lies with not understanding how many lines you are betting on. If you a betting on the maximum amount of lines on a slot game the costs can easily run up. Practice the game in free mode to begin with. Get used to how it plays. Playing casino games and slots can be addictive, so rather than gambling with your own money try it out for free in the first instance.

We’ve brought you a number of free casino games here at top online casino. We see our casino site as being educational to help gamblers understand the pitfalls. These free casino games give you the chance to try a casino game without having to part with your own money. Online casinos are meant to be fun, so try playing for free in the first instance.

We hope you find our casino site a useful resource for various types of casino information. Our concern is that you always play responsibly and gamble within your own limits. If you think you have an issue with gambling then please do seek professional help. If you need any help with gambling then please visit gamble aware who will be offer you excellent support and advice.