The Online Casino Whitelist

The Online Casino Whitelist – A Guide to Safe Online Casinos

Finding a safe online casino casn be tricky but the online casino whitelist is very important in helping you choose which casino provider to use. The online casino whitelist is a list of jurisdictions that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and are considered safe online casino sites to gamble at. Online casinos which are in one of the whitelisted jurisdictions must adhere to very strict licence conditions and codes of practice as set out by the Gambling Commission, therefore making safe online casino game play extremely safe. Every casino featured on our website is whitelisted so you can be sure that you are signing up to an incredibly safe online casino.

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Current Whitelisted Jurisdictions

If a casino is not in one of the above jurisdictions then it is illegal for that casino to advertise within the UK and therefore is not a safe online casino.

To be able to be included on the online casino whitelist and be within the whitelisted jurisdiction it means ensuring that:

  • gambling is conducted in a fair way
  • gambling is not a source of crime and disorder
  • gambling is not used to support crime
  • gambling doesn’t affect children or vulnerable persons
  • gambling operators are subject to rules on money-laundering and financial probity

All jurisdictions that wish to be on the Whitelist have to provide evidence that those gambling products that will be advertised will allow the players to:

  • access the game rules (including rules in English)
  • claim their winnings within a long enough period of time
  • easily get in contact with the appropriate authorities to resolve any disputes arising from using those gambling products

There are also blacklisted casinos and jurisdictions in which casinos operate that are not licenced by the UK Gambling Commission. We would advise you to stear clear of any casino which is in the following regions as it may mean you will never be able to claim any winnings. These are definitely not safe online casino sites. The following jurisdictions are to be avoided:

  • Curacao
  • Costa Rica
  • Belize
  • Kahnawake
  • Any other jurisdiction that is not Whitelisted

Below is an example of a site which falls within the jurisdiction of the Uk Gambling Commission and is safe to play.