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Welcome to top online casino and our online casino reviews page. On this page you will find links to leading online casinos, each of which has undergone a full assessment and evaluation.

Online Casino Reviews – Unique Analysis & Casino Advice

Each of the online casino reviews featured here are casinos we’ve actually played at. At heart we are casino players so felt we wanted to help fellow players. Our solution was to build this website and hopefully write useful and information reviews. The one thing we do want to point out with our reviews is that they have been aimed at being informed and not persuasive, which we fell is very important. We have made a study of each casino and tell you what the game play is like, how easy the sign up process is and how the casino generally feels. We do not recommend one over the other, our online casino reviews are purely aimed at being informative to help you decide if you’re making the right choice.

What can you expect to find within our online casino reviews? Well first of all we talk you through the casino site. We say how easy the page is to navigate, where you can find useful menu headings and generally give you our opinion what we feel about the site in question. We check how long the software takes to download and provide analysis on how easy it is to install and run. Naturally, being an online casino reviews page we also spent plenty of time playing slots, roulette, blackjack and a handful of other games, which is never a bad way to spend a day! In the written section we also go over and point out the good and bad points. This can range from how quickly a game loads, to the graphics and help with banking queries.

Our online casino reviews also have a couple of screen shots included. This is just so you also have a visual aid so you can see what the overall and look and feel is like. But if you want to get the true behind the scenes feel for each of the casinos then be sure to check out our video reviews. Each of our online casino reviews features a special and unique video walk through guide. In these videos we talk you through the game play, navigation and we also point out how you can play each casino for free! We decided to do the video reviews as we felt it gave each site a good overall appraisal, and best of all you can see exactly what the casino looks like. We noticed with some of the other online casino reviews we’ve read in the past that they aren’t necessarily always as honest as they make out. So we decided a way to get around this would be to do a video review. That way you can see exactly what the casino is like and then make a decision from there.

The reason we decided to focus so much time on our online casino reviews is simply due to the staggering amount of choice available on the internet. Our inspiration came from trying to find somewhere we felt provided honest, unbiased and accurate reviews and analysis. We all felt the websites we visited weren’t very user friendly or were clearly aimed at trying to persuade you to join a casino with whom they have the best deal. This is why our reviews have been designed to be informative and not try and give a rating or scoring system. We feel by adding a rating and scoring system you are trying to be persuaded to join a particular casino. Our feeling is we’re all adults so we can all make our own minds up, providing we’re given the right information in the first place to do so.

Please remember that our online casino reviews have been designed to be helpful and informative. We do ask that if you do decide to join a particular casino, that you have made an assessment of all the terms and conditions and that you are happy with them. Just be aware of the wager or playthrough requirements, just so you know how much you’ve got to deposit before you can start to withdraw all your winnings. We hope you find our online casino reviews a useful evaluation and they help you make an informed choice. Must of all we hope you have fun!