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Casino Deposit Bonus – What To Look Out For

The question we really need to answer is just what is a casino deposit bonus? When you first join a casino you are usually required to make a deposit or payment to play a casino game. The majority of casinos do have free games for you to play, but naturally you will not be able to win any money. As a result, you’ll be offered a special one-off bonus. This bonus, which is known as a deposit bonus, will be your reward for laying down that first sum of money. In effect, whatever you decide to deposit you’ll get extra free casino money in addition to whatever sum you’ve decided to deposit.


The internet is awash with a huge variety of online casino sites. Each one of the casinos will offer a different deposit bonus. These will range from 50% right up to maybe 300% / 400%. As you can see, this makes a deposit bonus appear to be a very nice windfall. There are therefore a number of things that you’ll need to watch out for. Working out your bonus is generally pretty straight forward. If you deposit £25 and the deposit bonus is 100% you’ll be given £25 free so have a total of £50 to play. You’ll also be told by the casino what the maximum amount of bonus is. You will often see “100% match deposit up to £200”. This simply means that the most you’ll get in free bonuses is £200. In this case you’d deposit £200 and get £200, but never any more than that. The video below shows you exactly what to look out for.

The other thing you’ll need to consider about a casino deposit bonus is just what the minimum payment or deposit is to qualify. A casino will advise what the minimum deposit amount is. You could get a very generous addition to your deposit, but only if you deposit a certain amount. Be sure that you have read and understood just how much you’ll need to deposit to qualify. Sometimes a deposit of just £5 or £10 just will not be enough to get the extra bonus. Some casinos offer very generous bonus amounts but will require a bigger deposit. Just ensure that you are aware exactly how much you’ll need to credit your account to become eligible for the bonus. This is an area that can catch players out so caution is advised here.


The biggest thing to be aware of with a casino deposit bonus is the play through requirement. No casino is going to hand-out a sum of free money without any terms applied. These terms are known as the play through requirement. This is how much you’ll need to play your bonus before you can make a withdrawal of any winnings. So before making a withdrawal you’ll have to have spent a certain amount. Let’s use our deposit example of deposit £25 get £25 and play with £50. The play through requirement is 25x. The equation for this is £25 x 25 = £625. This means you’ll need to pledge a total of £625 before you can begin to think about making a withdrawal. Therefore, extreme caution is urged here. Please make sure that you have read the terms and conditions and fully understand this. Too many players join a casino and win some money, only to realise they can’t actually withdraw it yet! Each casino will have a different play through requirement so you’ll need to make sure you’ve read and understood the terms and conditions. Not only these, certain games only count as a percentage towards the play through requirement. The image below helps explain this.

casino deposit bonus
The % of stake varies with each casino

Overall a casino deposit bonus is aimed at helping you enjoy your time at the casino. It’s a nice addition to whatever payment you first decide to make. It’s a way to play lots of different casino games. The free games that are on offer are generally limited; this extra bonus means you’ll be able to play every game available. If you win big, then this is all the better. But just remember how much you’ll need to spend before you can think about withdrawing your winnings. The essential thing is that you play a casino within your means. Set yourself daily budget limits and try and stick to this. Casino sites are there to have fun and enjoy so please do this, but always within your budget and limits.