Online Casino Game Guide

Here at Top Online Casino we’ve created a brief and simple outline to the games found on our recommended casino sites


♦  Roulette  ♦
This is a game based on luck and is a firm favourite among players. There is a lot of action and excitement when betting on the outcome of which numbered or coloured slot of the wheel the spinning ball will land on. Simply place your stake on a number or colour and hope the ball lands on your chosen number. The graphics are very realistic and you can actually see the ball spin and fall in the slot. Roulette is a lot of fun so be sure to play with a smile.


♦  Slots  ♦
Probably the simplest and easiest game to play but this doesn’t mean it’s boring. Slots have been designed to entertain players of all ages and they are known for their huge payouts. Many slot machines have been designed to have an interesting theme and the majority with often be based on a blockbuster movie. One of the main reasons slot machines are so popular is because they are generally quite cheap, yet can offer huge rewards. Progressive jackpots are an incredibly popular type of slot machine game.


♦  Blackjack  ♦
One of the simplest and easiest casino card games a player can find. There is a reasonable amount of strategy involved in blackjack, but this is quite easy to understand and once you get the hang of it. Blackjack is all about making a hand value of by accepting more cards 21 and getting there before the dealer does. The game can be played with a single or multiple deck and face cards are valued at 10 points, while the numbered cards have corresponding values. The Ace can be used as a 1 or 11 in this game. Players must not exceed 21 points or else they lose. Players are dealt 2 cards and based on the value they have they can decide if they want to go for another card that could help them in getting closer to 21 points. If a player has say 18 points already, he can choose not to take any more cards.


♦  Video Poker  ♦
Some of the most popular games of poker include Texas Hold’em, Deuces Wild, Jacks or better, Caribbean Stud Poker, Omaha hi/low poker and many more. In these games the player is trying to make a high hand out of the cards he is dealt. Players can keep the cards he is dealt or discard ones he doesn’t want and get new ones in order to make a strong hand. In video poker you play the game against the machine.


♦  Craps  ♦
Craps is yet another exciting and fun filled game that offers many betting options. This game is about predicting what numbers will be made on the roll of a set of dice. You can bet on various possibilities. Most online casinos offer craps games and the graphics are just amazing, as well as the game being a lot of fun.


♦  Live poker  ♦
Poker requires skill and discipline if you want to win and this is why players love the game. Player skills are put to the ultimate test in poker. Your aim is to make a perfect poker hand that is of high value. It’s similar to video poker except that you are playing against other players so watching their moves closely is essential in this game.