Casino Bonus Offers Explained

Here you’ll find information on casino bonus offers explained. We’ve tried to simplfy what all the bonus offers mean and how to watch out for any pitfalls before committing to parting with your hard earned cash.


♦ Casino Bonus Offers Explained – No Deposit Bonus  ♦
A no deposit bonus means you do not need to make a deposit to begin playing as the casino will credit your account for you when joining. Some casinos may apply limitations such as the maximum amount you may withdraw or that you may have to make a token deposit before withdrawing.


♦ Casino Bonus Offers Explained – Match Bonus  ♦
The casino will match your deposit with a certain percentage up to a certain amount of your total deposit.
Here is a simple example to explain:

  • The casino offers a 100% match bonus up to a maximum of £200.
  • You deposit £100 you will then receive another £100 in free bonus money making your total amount to play with £200.
  • Some websites will allow you to go over the maximum match bonus, but they will greatly reduce the free match bonus. This is usually reduced to 50%, but be sure to fully read the terms and conditions of the bonus first.


♦  Casino Bonus Offers Explained – Wager & Playthrough Requirements  ♦
Wager and playthrough requirements is one point where most of the confusion arises when signing up to a casino site.
Lets use the following example to explain:

  • You need to play your deposit plus bonus 20 time before cashing out.
  • Your deposit is £100 and you receive a bonus of £100 – this gives you £200 to play with.
  • You must now wager this £200 at least 20 time before you can withdraw any of your winnings.
  • This means you need to make £4,000 worth of bets.Some casino’s may say that you only need to play your bonus through a certain number of times.

If we use the example above to explain:

  • You start with £200.
  • £100 needs to be played through 20 times
  • This means you will need to make at least £2,000 worth of bets to cash out.

There are some games within the casino where the playthrough will not count, so it will not matter how much money you wager as if it does not count towards your playthrough then you will not be able to draw out any money..


You should always read the terms and conditions of the offer before joining the casino.